Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Behaviour


Hypnotherapy (nm)i can be seen as a transformative tool to help you rewrite your neural pathways and transform your thought patterns. Hypnotherapy has the potential to unlock new possibilities and enable you to break free from repetitive patterns of behaviour that may be holding you back. You can make positive changes in your life. If you’re ready to let go of old habits and achieve lasting results, our hypnotherapy sessions may be the solution you need.

Futhermore, the key to any great performance is mindset. Whether you’re an athlete, a professional, or just trying to achieve your goals in life, every skill and talent can be enhanced with proper coaching.


Hypnotherapy (nm)


Group Hypnosis


Mindset Coaching


Inner Conflict Resolution


Inner Resource Strategy


Personal Development

Change Your Mind, Change You Behaviour.

Hypnotherapy (nm)

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses hypnosis to help individuals access their inner power and make positive changes in their lives. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and focused attention, which can help individuals tap into their subconscious mind and work through issues that may be holding them back. Hypnotherapy can be used to address a wide range od issues, including anxiety, phobias, addictions and more.

Inner Conflict Resolution

Inner conflict resolution is the process of working through conflict that may exist within an individual. These conflicts may be related to values, beliefs or desires that are in conflict with each other. By identifying and working through these conflicts, individuals can achieve a more positive mindset and greater inner peace. Inner conflict resolution is achieved       through therapy, hypnotherapy.

Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching is a form of coaching that helps individuals develop a positive mindset and overcome limiting beliefs. A positive mindset can help individuals achieve greater productivity and high performance by allowing them to approach challenges with a more optimistic and proactive attitude. Mindset coaching can involve a variety of techniques, including goal-setting, visualization, and affirmations

Personal Development

Personal development is the process of improving oneself through various activities and techniques. This can include formal education, skill-building, and self-improvement activities such as reading, journaling, or meditation. Personal development can help individuals achieve greater productivity and high performance by improving their skills, knowledge, and abilities. It can also help individuals develop a positive mindset and work through limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.

On Offer

Eleven11, offers a service tailored to your needs. Whether it’s group hypnosis for positive mindset coaching, workshops for personal development or one-on-one sessions for insightful transformation.

A positive mindset can be the catalyst for transforming your behavior and your life. By adopting a positive outlook, you can unlock your full potential and become the best version of yourself. When you focus on positive thoughts, you can change the way you perceive challenges and setbacks, and you can develop the resilience to overcome them. This can lead to more fulfilling relationships, increased productivity, and a greater sense of purpose. Don’t let negativity hold you back any longer. With hypnotherapy (nm) or a Mindset coaching you can transform your behavior.

Hypnotherapist Cape Town

Corporate Facilitation

~Stress Management


~Confidence boost


~Performance Enhancement

~Conflict Management

~Motivation & Focus

Hypnotherapist Cape Town

Group Sessions

~To Think is To Achieve Workshop

~Mindset & High-Performance

~Team Building Group Hypnosis

~Stress Management

~Sales Motivation

~Productivity & Consistency

~Self Confidence

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One-on-One Sessions

~Fear & Phobias

~Inner Conflict

~Low Self-Esteem

~Anger Management

~Stress Management


~Study & Exam Anxiety

Past Life Regression Cape Town


~Inner Conflict Resolution

~Spiritual Enhancement

~Life Between Lives

~Past Life Regression

~Child Ego State Resolution

~Emotional Blocks

~Connection with Inner-Wisdom

Online Hypnotherapy Cape Town

Online Sessions

Online hypnosis and mindset coaching can be especially beneficial for both corporates and individuals. With the help of an experienced therapist, you can gain clarity, focus, and confidence in your work and personal lives. Through private one-on-one sessions, online hypnosis or mindset coaching can help you unlock your potential.

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